How to make Tabview

I know that there are lots of video tutorials on it but not with using the kodular tabview component, everyone uses view pager it’s confusing even in kodular docs no information is given about these at all
I wanna create tabview like whatsapp
Which component shall i use Tabview or Viewpager and how

why not to try both of them and thendecide what is the better choice for you

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I’d use View Pager…
Check this example: ViewPager.aia (2,7,KB)


What is difference between tab view and view pager?
Here is the answer:
You can use layouts with view pager but not with tab view.
When any tab on view pager is clicked it slides to corresponding layout then that layout will be visible and other will be invisible but in tab view it only gives you which tab is clicked and you have to do all work manually.


Not at all , give it a try once


its just that simple and when screen initialize call the procedure “viewpage”
the green block attached to component is the layout which will be visible when the tab of your specified name is selected


thanks for explaining in the right way marked as solution thanks


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