How to make text repeater app

Hello friends i want to know something about making text repeater app,
How to convert a text into multiple text,
can anyone give me some blocks for hint.

You can use for loop for repeat.


Simple solution is “For loop”.
Code example -
for(i=0; i<=100; i++){
//Repeat your text
If(check box = checked){ print “\n”;}

Repeat 1st text box content till the no of count given on 2nd text box. And if new check box is checked then use if block to add ‘\n’ to get a new line.


You can try something like this maybe.
It is working but I really think it can be improved, I’m not really good with lists blocks…

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Or can also be done with these :point_down: blocks also


And it’s result :point_down:

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Just that, I think I like to do simple things in a complicated way…


Watch this video and also download the free aia file it’s very easy for you
Thank You

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