How can i repeat any list again and again?

How can i repeat any list again and again ?
I have a list a,b,c,d,e,f
I want to repeat this list again and again


This is working 1 time i want this type

B repeat again and again
A list repeat
A list respeat

List is going to repeat it self each time you click the button however, endless repetition will eventually cause the app to crash.

Using a timer

Another way using append list block


What exactly means to repeat a list?
After reading all list items start reading from the beginning again and you have an endless list
No need to duplicate list items

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I ask me why you need to do this. It really must repeat forever?
Because if doesnโ€™t have an end, the app will eventually crash.

You should explain why do you wan to do it exactly, then we may help you to find the best way to do it.

I want to repeat 5 time . Not to endless

I think what Taifun means is this:

If you have (for example) 3 items A, B, and C, all you need is a list A,B,C.

If you want to repeat this 3 times so you have ABCABCABC, you could create a list like that. Or instead just create a list ABC and select the relevant item from it when you need to.

Each item in a list should be unique. You just need to create a procedure to select the item(s) as required.

See above procedure, set repeat time to 5