How to make this Complexe View Pager πŸ€”πŸ€―?

Hello Kodular Communty,

Someone can have an idea how to make this type of view pager on Kodular ?

Gradient colors change on Scroll, have 3 items of pages on one page (left, mid and right card) and smooth scroll,

I want advice and guidance to make this type, because i already do a lot of search without success, thank you in avance :+1::pray:


Not a hard one just change arrangement gradient when Viewpager item change

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You can also use Image Carousel Extension extnsion by @salazar6cristopher

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No need of paid extension it’s easily made using [Free/OS] Gradient Drawable Extension || Create beautiful background with Gradient Drawable

And ViewPager Extension

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Wow thank you very much, it’s very helpfull, i will try this :+1:

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