How to only name

I did. Can I ?

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{“request_list”:[{“request_to”:“52”,“amount”:“100”,“request_date”:“14-08-2020 07:25:07”,“status”:“Pending”,“ref_number”:“35702133845”,“transfer_mode”:“Bank”,“transaction_number”:“uihguihg744”,“decision”:“SHIBA-54449810005022”,“decision_date”:“0000-00-00 00:00:00”},{“request_to”:“52”,“amount”:“100”,“request_date”:“14-08-2020 06:46:17”,“status”:“Pending”,“ref_number”:“10689478288”,“transfer_mode”:“Bank”,“transaction_number”:“UYFRTYDFTY157485”,“decision”:“SHIBA-54449810005022”,“decision_date”:“0000-00-00 00:00:00”}],“error”:“0”,“error_msg”:“Fetch Data”}

This my code please see & help

First of all you should learn to validate json, cause your data has no valid json format. Then you should use Do it to debug your code . Try the solution provided here in order to have a valid json

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I merged your topics. This is not the place that you drop data, show some blocks write some words “This my code please see & help” and can expect help. If you want serious help you have to ask serious questions.

Block my json data example

How to show json data list view component plz blocks

Use above logic , in order to have a valid json format use. Then you can try and get the data you need


Sorry can not help you more cause the way of doing it is already shown. Now you have to try it


Not understand plz help

Plz blocks for list view component

Like @dora_paz said, you have to try yourself.


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