How to only name

{“providers”:[{“provider_id”:“1”,“name”:“Airtel”},{“provider_id”:“2”,“name”:“Bsnl”},{“provider_id”:“3”,“name”:“Idea”},{“provider_id”:“4”,“name”:“Jio”},{“provider_id”:“5”,“name”:“Vodafone”}],“error”:“0”,“error_msg”:“Fetch Provider”}
this data kodular plz give me code

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Please show us your blocks and what you have done so far in order to get help from the community and don’t forget to read below post on how to ask a question


And also, we will help, not do the work.

And do what @dora_paz said, so we can understand what you want and what you have tried

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hii help me

Show us your blocks in order to help you

Look This Topic :


I believe the problem is that this is not a valid json format ( you can validate your json here -

So what I did was to replace “ and ” with " in order to have a valid json and then used dictionary blocks and @Mohamed_Tamer 's extension that parses json to dictionary. Hope that helps


All data for key “name” is added in list to use it according to your needs

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Show all name for spinner after click value provider_id
Example : Airtel, Vodafone, etc.
Value= 1,2,3

Try this, adjust code according to your needs

How to index 1 Auto
Example 1 to json row data

All index data on spinner
Example Airtel, Vodafone,etc.

Why don’t you try it yourself ? I showed you the way to get data from “json” . Now you have to play with the code according to your needs. I also showed you how to add elements to spinner. If you wish elements to be Airtel, Vodafone,etc. just change the list and when Spinner1.After Selecting , get selection

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Example this type

Sorry I can not help you more, you should try it yourself

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The solution was showed by @dora_paz.
Now you should try yourself. :+1:

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Very Thanks


If my answer is your solution… Then marked it as solution. :slight_smile:

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