How to open a specific image in gallery?

Hey i want to open a specific image in gallery i am trying to do it from 1 month i used activity starter but it just opens gallery not image. And tells unsupported file
Please help

Have a look at this and try to use activity starter with as said codes

I didn’t understand
please check my mistake in this code

But Uri end with .jpeg or .PNG na…

Use join block and try

In android 10& above, it is hard to use this method…

Wait, already you are showing the gallery image only in the list view na, then why don’t you use the same pathway??

ok i am going to try

No it doesnt work please help me

Your android version ???

My android version is 9

My image is opening in google photos but not in inbuilt gallery

Confusing me… How did you add items in global Files

Please someone help me i am trying from 1 month

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Please only post in English.

Please post the image file you want to open.

If your image file type is not the problem, try this suggestion:

my image is opening fine in google photos app not in default gallery.
it shows unsupported file . :sob:

Whats is result in label8?


Add file: before /storage/emulated. . . . . . . . . . . .

its work for me. android 10

how to do please give example