How to overlap components?

Oh… ok. so thats why it didn’t work on my project. Thanks for that!!!


Screenshot from 2020-04-29 11:32:49

How to overlap a vertical arrangement over another.As shown


Please search on Community else make a new thread here is your solution see this screen

You can do same with vertical arrangements

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Screen Is Not Working

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Try this put margin in negative for moving vertical arrangement upward


I think I’ll have to update this guide to use the new Decoration component. Thanks for the hint @ShaikhSajidAli :+1:


But How we solve the gap problem



Overlay.aia (3.0 KB)


Welcome !
How is the height and size of your screen arrangements configured?


Just the same old overlapping** but with the decoration component**

I’m just updating the old Shreyash’s AIA , Cuz i thought that it’ll be easy to catch-up with:

What are the improvs you’ll get uing this method:
1. syntax is easy
2. simple to implement
3. So called “gap problem” will be resolved( for good )


1.Use a parent arrangement overlay under your background arrangement
3.just simply implement the blocks as i have W.R.T.your project.

Overlay (2).aia (3.3 KB)

you could use this method…


Hello, is it possible to overlap buttons in order to get such thing (3 buttons with 3 different colors)


@Stefun, what did You try ? This is First step.


I have well understood the philosophy of the community → Try first
So yes I have tried and as it didn’t worked I wondered if such thing was possible.
I have nothing against you directly but it is boring to have such comment each time we ask something. I have searched on internet to get the answer but the big lack of Kodular is the documentation ! Your answer could be just Yes or No and then I would continue to search and try or don’t wasting my time to try something that is not possible at all.

However I get my answer as I noticed that my code (Overshoot blocks) were good but seem to not be executed. I noticed that the ability of overlaping button was possible by doing a DoIt on the blocks.
I notice the overlapping has been done but don’t know why when testing (companion mode) the overlaping is not shown.
Next step : try directly with APK as I begin to be awared that some things are working differently as we are running with companion or APK…

EDIT : even in APK mode, the overlapping steps seem to be bypassed :confused:
In Companion mode, I have to do a DoIt to execute the overshoot blocks!

Is someone has already experienced such behavior or maybe has an idea of what is not done correctly ?
Thanks for help :slight_smile: :pray:t2:


Community is one thing, support is another

The time you spent writing this text, you could be researching or testing. Hugs.


Yes using decorations utilities and moving margin of components.
This is reference screen see this

I have tested your file but it just show that overlaping is possible… and I know that as I succed to do it.
My issue is that the overshoot blocks are not executed, I have to click DoIt on each overshoot block to make it executed (and see the correct result in Companion). On APK mode, Do It is impossible and the result is never shown…
I will try with setting margin instead of overshooting…

I just tested with the Component Tools extension, specially SetX and SetY blocks but it’s the same → The “overlap_ThemePreview” calls are not executed :confused: but it is done correctly when doing DoIt with companion mode.

I’m lost :exploding_head:

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Call using clock component with slight .5 sec difference

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Look at these blocks … did i solve your problem? ,if not did i understand your problem??
Annotation 2020-09-13 153810

note: in this example i’ve disabled the equivalent animation blocks


AIA file: Overlay (3).aia (11.6 KB)


You can show your blocks.For me it’s working:thinking:

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@Mohamed_Tamer : you extension is working greatly, the issue is that the call procedures are not executed !
While doing a Do It on the call procedure everything is correct (in companion mode)

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