How to parse html from webview component

if someone knows a way to parse html from webviwer then pls tell me how to do it. (web component cannot be used as i have to show the website to my user ).

its easy get html from web just import html in the webview

can you pls show me a block arrangement

Do Like This :point_down::point_down:


hey thank u for ur block arrangement it worked but encountered another problem. first see me block arrangement.a this above block is working. but it can only detect text from first webpage after then on any follow up webpage doens’t detect the text. like in pAYTM first you have to enter crediential for payment then on 3 webpage you see whether the transaction was sucessfull or not. but block above is only orking on the very first page. pls tell me a way to detect text from follow up pages.

Then u may also have to call up the follow pages in the Web Component

can u show me block arrangement example pls

I had already shown it, You just Have to Change the URL of Web Componenet

i tried it but it is not working