Read the specific text currently shown in webview realtime

I am creating app where I am imlimenting paytm payment reciving system with paytm link but at last when payment is successfull I tried to read the source code of page and find specific text with web component but it shows link forbidden error 404
I have another idea to match the specific text in last stage after payment to match the text shown in webview like ‘payment success’ and than it should follow further like payment is successfully received or else payment failed but I don’t know how apply that pleas help I am trying it since 5 days

Did you try the url concept…

For example when anyone pay through paytm successfully then the success page url contains some id, try to use those.

Use the contains block to check if the current url contains those id or not.

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The url is is different every time because it contain order id and order id is generated differently every time I tried this concept with url contain the text but when payment failed or requested by upi it also contain the text so it is not worth working so I have this last option to match the words in last page which appier in web viewer only when payment success