How to parse JSON array using JSONTools or JSONUtils

Hi everybody,
I have a JSON string array like:-

"company1" :{ [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] },
"company2" :{ [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] },
"company3" :{ [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] , [“ss”:“ssID”] },


in this string the companies and spreadsheets can get less or more and have particular name each.

I want firstly to achive all the company list to a variable ,for eg.

and the second one will fetch like if i choose company1 then all of its spreadsheet names, for eg.

but i dont think their is any feature in both JSONTools or JSONUtils extension
Or i might not know much about how to use these extensions to get these results.

Can anyone suggest me how can these extensions help me achieve this or if not then any other extension that will be able to accomplish this?

try this best alternative