How to play text via text to speech

How to play text inserted via textbox through it?


Are you using any extension?Can you give the link to it?

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No and please stick to the point

The purple block looked like it is related to any extension and so I asked you the question. Because if it’s an extension, I can go through it once and then give you the proper answer. This was my intension behind it

If you are expecting answers, then first learn how to reply to fellow members.
And don’t expect answer from me now.
Thank you :pray:t2:

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yes vaibhav,
we have to respect all kodular members.
and @Neeraj_Kumar they are not getting any money or anything else.
So, ask your question and reply all members respectfully.

BTW, you have to use textbox.text block.
find it in textbox properties.

Do CAll text to mp3 file1. Play

text =Textbox1.text

if it is help you then mark it as solution :grinning:


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