How to put link in Label

I want to put a link in a label and I have enabled html format and already used command but it didnt works how to do that.I searched community but didnt find my solution

Please post a screenshot of your blocks.

I have just put HTML command on label property is there anything else to do ?

You also have to write HTML hyperlink’s code for hyperlinks in label text.
Like this

<a>href=your link here">name</a>

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Set label to clickable also

already done

you can you the hyperlink extension i think its available in the community

see this video i think this may help you

extension link

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Mean, you will use an extension for a little work.
I am sure you will have to work more if you use extension. When it is easily possible with label itself then why use an extension.??

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i was just giving a suggestion rest you wish

then use


This doesn’t work nothing happening on clicking label

Didn’t worked :pensive:

did you watched the tutorial video i sent

Yes i watched that

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I have created hyperlink on label after using 2nd block it is showing Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.

using companion

post your blocks