How to put link in Label


and your link ?

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Same error after doing this

You can try to put at your link. Then try and post here your result. If the error comes then the problem is in blocks or if error does not comes or works fine then it meant your URL is invalid or incorrect. Or also please do it on label text and post here so we can look what the label text contains.


See I have already putted https before link and text is in label text

The problem is cause you are using description in url <a href="">Developed by Saksham</a> and after that in label.text you get only the description



So how to make that correct ?

Try this


If you already know the URL of the label then enter it directly on the Data Uri. If you dont know the URL of label text then you can replace the text Developed By Saksham to your URL like @dora_paz 's example

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Yeah !
Thanks a lot this works :smiley: :grinning:

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