How to read any game score in Webviewer

I have to make an app which read the user game score and give points according to that I am in troble how to solve this problem can any one tell me how this problem can be solved, games are made with html5 running on webviewer

Instead of web component you can/should try with Firebase db

If you made then easy and can be done

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Maybe you are using html5 games which is available on online games website is this not possible to get score form these websites and If you made the game own then you also know where HTML5 game score goes.

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Give link of the game.

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No, I had not make the game i have taken it from gamezop website

game link Cricket Gunda | Gamezop Play | Play Now

Then your answer is no

I see you have asked the same question on the Thunkable forum here.

Please only ask on the community of the builder you are using.

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