How to read from .db file

I am making an app that has to read the data from a file. I have created a database and stored all the values. Now I want my app to read the data from the database and the extension of the database file is .db. So I want to know how to read the data?

Which software made the db file? Can you also export to an csv file? CSV are usable in Kodular.

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Check this post. Load screen not showing

I made this to import a csv file into the database in the app.
bottom left: csv_import_connection: the path to the file online
call.csv_import_connection is the call to the block on the right.

The csv file consist of multiple items per line. What happens is:

Empty the database
loop through the csv file and put every row(line in the csv file) in the apps database. The first element of each line is the unique identifier for the row.

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is this a sqlite database?
if yes, you can use my sqlite extension and its Import method to import the databaseā€¦

That is the thing what I want. Thanks a lot.

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