Show text from file.txt

dear all, i read from this discussion
but i dont understand how it work
do you have any link or video i can watch it to follow the tutorial ?

i want make searching text it seem like dictionary, when typing the word/text from file.txt show on listview


try like this
blocks (7)

immadietly the app forced closed
file text is much text, its like dictionary
so i want when i type the text on text box, the text from file.txt show in listview

If this is from an artificial list,how if the list is taken from file.txt I ,can’t find a way ,

how large is the file?
try the local sqlite database… store your dictionary in a table and import your database on first run of the app

while typing do a search in the database like this

select word from myTable WHERE word LIKE 'h%'


no i want to search directly by name,
ex : i search book, the text all about book show on listview,

its like dictionary database
so when i search the text in file.txt
show on listview