How to remove a list from a list of lists if it exists in another list of lists

all my list of lists consist of 4 items.
I want to remove the list from “dailylist” if it exists in EndR list
here are my attempts

which gave me this error massage
Remove list item: Attempt to remove item 0 of an empty list
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I don’t think this logic will work … you need to remove the make list from the index in list item

And also can you explain in detail what you want to do?

Building a to do list app. I want the user to be able to remove daily activities from a single day only, hence this EndR list which contains the lists of activities that should be removed from one day only. It checks if the item is in EndR and if so removes it from daily list.

The logic is complex and will not work if you use make a list in index in list

You can refer to this
To-Do List | Using Dynamic Components

I have seen your app before, but I fail to see how it will help solve this issue specially since it’s close source.

The error is very obvious. The thing doesn’t exist in the list, which the index in list thing returns 0
Second, the list you are trying to remove an item from it is empty. Check carefully.
Show us how the list looks like.

The item must exist in the list or else the if condition wouldn’t be excuted.
I also tested this by adding a line to set a label text to the list item and it showed.

I also used is it in the list and the label was yes
And used index in the list and the label showed 1

The daily list is full of items as well.

As far as I understand your concern you want to remove list item if it contains daily in it
Then you want to remove form Daily list but index blocks are not correct for that in index in the list thing block thing should be get item you don’t need to make list again as it already is a list

And if both of list should not contain same item so then in if condition you should use if is in the list thing block where thing should be item and list should be daily list it also respond as true or false

Try it if it works for you

My first try only had get item block but this didn’t work so i made a list with index as 8n the picture.

I didn’t try if is in the list because I think this is a better optimization instead of searching in the whole list, i can just see which list has the item by looking at the index 4 of the item.