How to remove scrollbar from screen

i want to remove scrollbar from can i do this.

please help me

I think the scrollbar will be removed if you just untick the scrollbar property from designer

There isn’t a property called scrollbar in the screen properties.So what you will need to make is:
Uncheck the scrollable property.(Screen)
And put all of your components in a VertiaclScrollArangemnt
And then uncheck the scrollbar property in the VertiaclScrollArangemnt.

i already using this method but when the keyboard visible then i need screen scrollable without scrollbar


Okay set screen to scollable when keyboard visibliy equals true.You will find this event in the screen blocks

but it also show scrollbar

The scrollbar will only show when you open the keyboard with this blocks:
When keyboard visiblity changed{
if ( is visible = true ) {
Set screen scrollable to true
} else {
set screen scrollable to false

It still showing scrollbar.

Please help

have you unchecked
Scrollbar from the arrangement’s properties
Scrollable from the screen properties

I think setting accent color of Screen1 designer property to none would help

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True. Do as @Soham_Shah directed. You can also set the accent color of the app same as the layout background color. :wink:

it’s working thanks

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