How to Replace Airtable API with Personal Access token?

How to migrate uaing airtable blocks?

You’re receiving this update because you have used the Airtable API in the last two years.

In January, we launched new API authentication methods, personal access tokens and OAuth integrations, which are replacing Airtable API keys.

How does this impact you? API keys (and therefore, any integration that used them to connect with Airtable) will continue to work until February 1st 2024. However, to ensure continued access to the Airtable API, you will need to start using the new authentication methods before February 1st 2024.

If you or a developer on your team has used an Airtable API key to build API integrations with Airtable, please migrate to using personal access tokens to authenticate your API requests before February 1st 2024. Your API key usage can be directly replaced with a personal access token provided as an Authorization: Bearer header.

If your API Key use is with a third-party integration, we recommend using OAuth for authentication. If you are unsure how to set up OAuth for a specific partner or OAuth is not currently available for that partner, we recommend you contact their team for details on when it will be available. Please note that we are working with all integration partners to migrate to our OAuth capabilities, and many will be doing so in the next several months.

In summary, Personal Access Tokens and OAuth are now available (as of January 2023). Airtable API keys will be deprecated on the following timeline:

  • August 1st, 2023: Users will no longer be able to create new API keys
  • February 1st, 2024 (next year): Existing API keys cannot be used to access the Airtable API

To learn more about this change, please visit our support article.


The Airtable API Team


I think Component needs an update or mostly new extension.

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Is there any one can help us on that because all my apps depend on Airtable on loading data … the master database …

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I also received the same warning, please is there someone who know the solution of this issue?


I think i found the solution and its very simple.
Just generate token ID and then replace the Token ID with the API Code in your app.

It’s working fine for me.

Please try this and tell me it’s working for you or not.


I will try it and give you feedback

I tried your solution and it worked successfully … Thanks dear


hello, im new on kodular, can u show me how to replace the api key with personal token? cuz i tried to replace and it doesnt work for me :frowning:

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How you generate the token ? What options you select please show me the screenshot.

am i wrong?

which details have to change … there is api key and base id… what we enter in api key and what we enter in base id.

No change in Base id , instead of API just use the token

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but where to find base id in airtable ?

I created token id. but i want base id where it will get…?

i know in api key we havve to enter token key…
but i dont know where is base id ?




replace the API Key with the token … NOT with Base ID

Not working. Please tell us how can we resolve this issue

HI!! I’m trying to use the new token ID and I don’t get it.
1.- I created TOKEN ID

2.- Change old API KEY for TOKEN ID

I guess I have to do something more… becouse do not work.

Can someone help me?