How to Replace Airtable API with Personal Access token?

Yes, it will not , because you have allowded ony write and not read so that you didnt get data


See in my token, i have allowded 8 scropes

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Ok ok ok, I thought that with the write permission it could also be read.

From what I read, there has not yet been published what will replace the URL ENCODER APIs. is it so? I mean the URLs we use to get the AIRTABLE data (…).
I’m wrong??

Once you generate token you cannot set url as like earlier. You must use curl method

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This method??

No, you cannot use this… you should try like this


curl “{baseId}/{tableIdOrName}
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN

For more ref this Airtable Web API

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OK, I get it. Thanks!!! But how can I to set the Airtable Query Parameteres’s ??
sort, offset, filters…

I try this but this is new for me… Got the data, but not sorting…

Thanks again… and again… and again… :see_no_evil:

Instead of api key just use headers… remaining things are same

Base id is also called as App I’d

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I learned how to use filters and sort data from Airtable using Api Key, with the API encoder tool, but to use CURL I can’t download sorted and filtered data from Airtable. Only ALL data. In the link you indicate I do not understand how to do it.


I used the same address, and have taken the result as i expected

  1. BaseID
  2. Table name
  3. Name of the field
  4. Token
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OK, thanks a lot!!! This is what I do, and work fine. (for other noob like me :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:)

What is important for me is that this method will work when Airtable deprecate api-key, right?

THANKS AGAIN!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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BTW, that was a huge formula

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:relieved: :sweat_smile:

Can anyone give me a full tutorial at once?About airtable new update

there is only one thing you need to do… just replace the api key with token(all all scope)… thats all

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provided api key is like this


(Demo key)
now what should i replace?




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If you are using spreadsheet component (default) then in the designer part, api key text box delete the key and replace this token… thats all

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