Order history setting method through airtable

Store orders in mobile to airtable data base and showing order history method please help me

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Anyone please help me

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Hi Raj, have you tried anything so far?

you can store the data in airtable and get it, show as needed?

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I think you are looking for sorting the data by particular column… then try rest api method How to Replace Airtable API with Personal Access token? - #32 by Still-learning

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S airtable mobile number saved and dynamic list showing method

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Sort by mobile number dear please help me dear

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Ref post no 4 Order history setting method through airtable - #4 by Still-learning for basic setup (how to set base id, sortable column, token and table name)

Ref this post How I can use OFFSET RECORD AIRTABLE? - #9 by Still-learning for after web got text (pls skip offset variable and it’s related blocks)

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I can’t understand please help me deaf it is our project finel step dear please help dear

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That’s why marked down clearly in the image, what are the details are used exactly in which plaz

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If you can show me a example structure of your airtable database and tell me how you want to show in the app, i may help you with the blocks needed.

Ok thanks for response

Data store in mobile.number dear

Please check dear

Ok first find the index of the number from your number list, there is a block to get index. After that get values from the other list using the index you got from the number list.

Do you understand?

Ok dear but I can’t understand block arrangement dear please send block arrangement dear

Text box mobile number enter show the full entered mobile number purchased items details

This type list dear

Hello dear can you help me dear

Consider this as your list…

Number list = 111, 222, 333
Product list = 567, 123, 809
Image list = 1.png, 2.png, 3.png

If you want to get data for number 333 from each list. You can use this block.

This will set label 1 text to 333, image to 3.png and label 2 Text to 809.

I’m sorry I’m on mobile currently so. It’s hard to make blocks and write.

Soory for disturbing dear.Any free time can you send full block arrangement dear please dear :pray::pray::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please try using the blocks i sent. If you need further help then let me know.

Ok thanks dear i will setted and send photo dear thanks for response dear