How to run the app in the background?

Hola necesita ayuda al momento de crear aplicaciones android…

lo que necesito es que mi aplicacion que este creando pueda trabajar en segundo plano, existe una extension o algo que funcione bien que me permita trabajar en segunddo plano…


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You mean this
Hello, you need help when creating android applications… What I need is that my application that I am creating can work in the background, there is an extension or something that works well that allows me to work in the second plane … GREETING.

The community language is English. So try to post your queries in English. I translated your text and from that it seems that your query is related to background services. So the simple answer to your query is ‘No’. This is not yet possible in Kodular.

Also, from next time, try to use that search feature :mag: of the community. It will save your time consumed in writing the query and also unnecessary queries will be avoided in the community.