How to save elements of list view image and text

Hola chicos, me gustaría saber cómo guardar los elementos de la lista de imágenes y texto.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use tinyDB to save them on the phone or Firebase/ Airtable/ Spread Sheet to store them online.

¿Es posible guardar elementos de la lista con imagen con tinydb? De esa manera, lo intenté pero no pude hacerlo

Currently I don’t think you can save images in tinyDB, but you can use Cloudinary to get an URL and save it.

If I know how it is, but how do I save the list items with TinyDB

Use the component TinyDB, use tags and list

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perfect but when I want to get the value there isn’t a block for elements in the lis

Take a look at Kodular Doc, also try searching YouTube for more information.