Save a ListView Image and Text

Yes, I know it was talked about very very often in the community, but no matter Youtube Google or the Kodular Community, it just didn’t help at all. I’ve searched for a very very long time but unfortunately didn’t get any results. So sorry in advance for asking about this topic again. My question is how to save a ListView Image and Text. When you click on the button, a new item is created. But the problem is, whenever the screen is restarted, it gets erased because it’s not saved. What I want to do exactly is that the ListView is simply saved and the items are taken and added when initializing. So just that the ListView doesn’t disappear but just stays there. Does not matter
how it is done, the main thing is that it should work. Thanks in advance for the answers.

imagine list view will hold only list items… whenever you get ite,s in list use tinydb to save it or on button click to save the items, just save it in tinydb. next time when screen init just call the dta from this tinydb. simple!..

Since you are using ListView with image, do you use the same image for all records? Is used image in assets or you use an image picker to get images ?

Each item has the same image

Is this image in assets ?

What do you mean by asset? Here are the blocks where a new item is created:

Try this simple aia

listview_image_tinydb.aia (506.8 KB)

Thank you honestly, I have researched for a very very long time but found nothing, thank you, you have helped me a lot.
Have a nice day.


Note that this will work only in case you use the same image from assets

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