How to save ScreenShots using filename?

How to save ScreenShots using filename ?
I want to save my every screenshot in different name…

Moreover, I cannot save my screentshots multiple name serially.
Example: When I take screenshot it saves “Screenshot” name. Every file name is same.
I want my file name ScreenShot001, ScreenShot002, ScreenShot003 accordingly.

Please anyone tell me how can I do these?

Thanks !

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Threre is option of file name to
Use tht block before
Capture screenshot

Thanks awakendeath8 !
Can you please clearly tell the name of block? Or procedure?


On every button click as example use another filename. That’s it.

Why dont you try such things by yourself?
It was work of 5seconds for me to do what you want.


Dear Mika, Thanks for your kind reply … I am newbie in Apps Development …
Maybe I couldn’t understand you my problem …
By applying your blocks, it’s still shows me the same name for every screenshot file.
I wanted it will save my shreenshot files serially/accordingly, like blabla001.png, blabla002.png, blabla003.png …
Everytime it will ask me the file name to save screenshot.

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As I said you have to change the filename each time when you make a screenshot.

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It doesn’t show me any option to change the filename after making screenshot. It’s automatically saves the screenshot file what I written in the block. Do I need to change anything in the blocks?

According to your blocks, every screenshot saved as BDCC.png. You can use list and counter to change screenshot name every time.


Use notifier text component
And get file name using that…

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Thanks Awakendeath8, Could you please show me a blocks how can I do it?

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I use this on my project image


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It should work…


Now did it work? :slight_smile:

at some point the image will be overwritten if you use this

use the clock component instead and you will get somewhat unique number for each image.



Much better thank you :+1:


i want when my screen shot has been taken after this there should be a pop up along with the screen shot preview and cancel, save and share button