How to save students' correct answers into a Firebase DB?

i followed youtube video and created this login firebase system

I want that if some one click on this submit button his right answers marks will be saved on my firebase with his name

I really need help If some one can plzzz i will not post again just help me last time

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submit button Blocks ?

dont know how to creat this

Read this guide on how to make images to post on the community.

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Here are the Blocks… You can use text box label text or any component which you use to store points & name

i did this but i didnt get at firebaase
blocks (2)

almost my application is done just stucked in this situation cant go forward without this

i created this block blocks (3)
and at firebase i got score but now how to get student name who is solving this quiz

You can get the Name with something like this:

Thnk You… What I am trying to tell him with blocks he took totally wrong…

you are creating block for only this number 0300344466 my quiz what about other students , well as you said i did but still name is missing

name of student is stored in login and signup screen here is no any block so havinng problem to get name from that screen ,

i got marks of this number because i put number in these blocks but what about those student who will solve my quiz how i will get

blocks (4) blocks (5)

Can u help me if I send you my apk aia file? I need solution

Ok i can try.

Vision.aia (1.9 MB)

Do u make correction? @Alapjeet

I am suffering from 2weeks I can’t solve that problem you guys can solve in 5 mins help me I have already uploaded aia file :disappointed::sob: I cant go ahead without this help me :sob:

Stop spamming this topic and be patient. Once someone can help you they will.

Where you send the aia…