How to save user login info in the webview?

I am trying to save the login info in the webview but whenever I close the app, my webview requires login again.

For example: I am trying to login to Facebook and after closing the browser, it is asking for login again instead of just opening my Facebook home page.

Does anyone know how to save these info in the webview?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Or Maybe


I want to save user login details for Instagram, not for my own site. Example: When we login to Instagram in Chrome, it saves our info and then we don’t have to login again.

I’ve come up with a solution. If you login to Instagram, it will save your login info for that particular browser so that you don’t have to login again. So, there’s no need to save cookies.

Anyways, I request @Kodular to add Save Cookies option in the webview. It is very important. Thank you. :slight_smile:

That´s your solution ? What´s a name this ?

Yeah. For any webviewer, Instagram will save your login info and therefore, you don’t have to login again and again. This does not work for Google, YouTube.

Where ?
Like cookie ?

In the app.

As mentioned here. Instagram has its own login screen and so it can save the cookies. Right?

Like This

And This


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Yeah. Exactly. Like these two.

You said my answers didn’t work. And now the solution was both?

You must help those who need it.

The Save Info comes with Instagram itself. So, I did not have to do anything with it.

Sure. :slight_smile:

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