How to search barecode in list of list

Good morning,
I would like to make a block to search for a barcode in a list of lists.
I found some examples that don’t really match what I want to do. Here is the block I created and the block that created my list.
Do you know how can I do?


What is present in the barcode? Show after the scan event result?

Try Filter list block from ListUtilz extension.

It’s a barcode with 2D style numbers, I would like to scan the credit card and the result should be searched in the list and then this same result should be copied into another list. Here is my firebase where there is the barcode.
This is what I would like to do:
In a spinner the user chooses a mission then it displays the products for this mission, when he scans the barcode, the product will turn green in the 2nd list.