How to send data from couldinary to airtable mean how to create row

All koders I request you please help me you can see all images below

Yes we can see them, however you have not asked a clear question.

Based on your subject, when you have the response from Cloudinary, take the URL and then write it to airtable.


Your question isn’t clear…
However you should read this :point_down:

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Please I have edit in my question please review

I have edit my question please review

There is no any airtable spreadsheet component :thinking:
How do yo get create row block…

Drag spreadsheet component on builder.
Fill base id and api key correctly…
Try these blocks :point_down:
Table name - Exact table on your spreadsheet database
Column names - a list
Values - a list…
This works for me

Please look here

dear reponser when I upload video to cloudinary it uploaded to cloudinary but it’s URL does not created in air table and show this image

You are leaving image column blank…
Either upload something on image column or you can create different table for image…
For clear…
You must contain every column names while creating row… And must put some value for every column