How to send offline message to a phone number

Hello, I want to know a simple answer. That is how to send message to a phone number? there have some related topics. But all of that is for online messaging. But I only wanna know about how to send just one single message to a phone number offline. My app is a online cloth shop. But customers will order for my product using that text messaging option. Hope you understand me. Please help

You can try the texting Component:

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Thanks. Can you suggest blocks? How to connect Text box with Texting component.

Set the message property to your text box text:

Set the phone number property to the phone number you want to send the message to:

Now call the send message method to send your message:

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But this one will use send msg from sim only na…

it is impossible to send sms to phone number without internet
step 1 make a own sim
sell sim
make mobile tower
and get free sms service to your sim
ony 4-5 step your project is complete
i am not jocking :thinking: :frowning: :frowning: :no_mouth: