How to send push Notification with app icon in onesignal

Hello Kodular ,

I am making a new app .I want to send push notification with a small icon .Please tell me the steps how i do it .

just go to onesignal website and create a notification, in the fields you will get the icon option,just set it up

Small Notification Icons - by default our SDK automatically uses either a white bell icon or your App’s launcher icon. Starting with Android 5, the OS forces Small Notification Icons to be all white when your app targets Android API 21+. If you don’t make a correct icon, it will most likely be displayed as a bell or solid white icon in the status bar.

Large Notification Icons - The large notification icon will show up to the left of the notification text on Android 4.0.3 - 6.0 devices, and shows on the right for Android 7.0+ devices. If you do not set a large icon, the small icon will be used instead. OneSignal will auto scale large notification icons for you to prevent the icon from being cropped

For more information visit:

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No, @Deepanshu_Arya you can’t actually display a small icon that way for now.

That’s why I attached links to the website

Be careful :grin:

My mistake, autocorrect is still learning me

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