How to send value with open Screen from WebView?

i have a screen that send a value to webview, then when the process of my webview completed(insert), i want the true/success condition will send the value (ex:random-id) then open the screen with the value

So i can use the value from webview to my next form in my screen.

Flow : Screen1+value -> Webview got value ->Webview send value-> go Screen2 + value
NB: I’ve send my value to my webview, and sucess insert, so need to send value to webview,

thank you, many help documentation or blocks app appreciated

I think you can store the value in the page title.

what do you mean by page title?
from webview or maybe screen?

Which value do you want to send? Web URL?

create your web page title according to the value you want.

ohh i got it, but when i hiding my title arragement, does it still get the value of it?

in the success message on php website
i want to store the id from input text and send it to my screen

You won’t know if you don’t try it yourself.

okay, ill try for myself ltr

Try condition:
Yes i can got back to my screen, but the problem, i need the value process from web, not setting value

im using customwebview