Is possible to passing value screen to webview, also send value result from webview to Screen?

First of all, i have a big progress on my apps, gladly all working good like take camera with custom text,etc
Right now i got a problem, I use a custom webview extension to load my web url.

1.Can i send my text value on screen to my webview when load it?
example: i have logged id, i want to send the id to webview
2.Can i send the result of progress on webview to my screen?
example: i have to send the text to screen, here i want to get my text value input
3.How to do that?

My Condition Right now: Success Loading the webview
thank you

Yes using webviewstring you can set and get data from webviever

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can you give me a bit of example??
im still confused because my Screen1 only web, Screen2 the webview

yes, im already can send my value text screen in my webview from read there too. Thanks anyway

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