How to separate each item and add in list?

I have stored a list in a single cell in airtable which looks like:


Now I am using Get cell block to get the cell data…But I want to store text1, text2 and text3 as 3 items in a list and remove brackets and commas.

It’s easy.
First use the Replace All Text block to replace both kind of brackets with a blank text block.
Now use the split text at block to convert the text into a list


Is this correct? I tried this but if I replace comma with blank text, then split at spaces is not working.


Use the “select list item” block. Do not replace characters in a list to make it a string.

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So how can I convert the cell data into a list without replacing and splitting them first? Can you show me an example?

The data you showed, with the brackets… Isn’t that a list? :thinking:

Replacing with " " without the quotes should solve it.

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Parentheses not necessary

And you can use the “List from CSV record” block

Yes there is a blank space in the split text at block. It is also working fine but commas are still there.

You got your answer here already, you just need to interpret it correctly



Thank you. I did the same that you showed but my blocks were not arranged properly.

Can you look into this? I need little help to do this…:point_up_2:

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