How can I format this to list?

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Separate the data and show it as you need.

You can store data in different columns and then call it.

It’s not that easy… I have tried but didn’t work…Give it a try

What about this one?

I know that but I want to know, is this possible to do or not… I have tried but not succeed.

yes, it’s possible…

i’d love your help.

Need a few hours. I am outside home.

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No problem.

Ok. I will send you codes after getting home back… Meanwhile, please clarify, where are these data stored, where and how you want to show them…

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  1. Data stored in airtable.

  2. I want to show it as a list(maybe ColinTreeList)

  3. As I mentioned, two separate list… Suppose, you have data of two different columns and here in this case those two columns are :point_right: before part of the comma :point_right: after part of the comma.

So, you have to eliminate those commas and you have to show those data into two different list( before part of the comma in a list AND after part of the comma into a another list)

Or…You can show it in colin tree list view as Title and Subtitle.

I understand. Lastly, will these data be fixed or you’ll change them over time?

This is just for demo you know…

Ok. I will send you aia in a few hours.

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Have you tried it yet?

Oops! Not yet! Sorry… But I will send it soon.

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Have you found any solution?

Use separate text block and at insert ,

I think with list CSV from text block