How to create a table where I will get data from airtable

Hey ,
I want to create something like this where there will be three columns and get data from airtable.
Please help me.

Use listview or other similar component/extension to create list and then use airtable component to fetch data and adjust blocks to show data accordingly

But how can I separate the columns in a list?

Use multiple spreadsheet components for that. Like this :point_down::point_down:

Hello @priyamduttayt

You can use Table Extension by @Andres_Cotes

Hope this is what you are looking for :+1: :slight_smile:

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Extreme Custom Table Extension (Update 2017-12-11) by Kus Zab (10 USD)

Display Table in Webviewer Extension by Andres Daniel

Table View Extension by Ken

The entire list of extensions App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps



I was looking for these :point_up: links. Thank you for posting them here

And this :point_up: is the same extension I think, that i posted in my above reply but only published at a different place :smile:

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Partially, my only free version, yours shows both.


i thought dendritas table makes a error if you want uploadthe app too google play store>?

I used this idea, but it was too slow. It will have a way of sending everything at the same time. You have the following fields that you would like to read:
Product code
bar code

i have created it with kodular and airatble


Hello, how are you? I really need to get this result with Airtable data.
Could you tell me how to display in this table format.


Can you show me blocks

No need i already found the way and it is working with mysql and airtable

Hello, can you please show me the blocks to this table? Please it’s urgent

good job kumar.

this is beautiful

What is beautiful

Hello, can you please show me the blocks to this table? Please it’s urgent

Now I will not prefer this method because it use multiple listview in one horizontal arrangement

Better to use dynamic components extension

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Can you please share your aia file