How to set firebase DB value to initialize global

welcome , I need your help .
I make a pin to my app but I want to link it with firebase to change it any time I want without rebulid it .
can I set firebase DB value to initialize global ?
a1 a2
I can do this but I dont want this
can any one help me ,please.

As far as I have understood you are going to store your pin in firebase and you want the app to get the pin from firebase… to get the data(pin) from firebase you need to do this :point_down:


I understood what the error is you are comparing text with number

so in the intializing variable block change the 0 to string and in the comparing method use a compare text block

what can I do ?

do the changes

It didnt work

Is there another solution without firebase to change the PIN from the Internet? Can I use the airtable to do this?

set mypin to nothing instead of ‘0’ for initialize mypin block

I do that
didnt work

can use airtable

can you post the block? if it is not working then interchange the textbox text and global mypin block in compare texts block

it work when i do thata3

what value do you get after firebase got value…show it in label to verify that the value getting is right or not?

I got the error… the project bucket is wrong

and use the logic which i showed you at the start

what is the right project bucket