How to set focus to a specific button?

Hi, i’m build app for android tv box.

when screen start i need to set focus to a specific button, but i can’t found the way to do.

For example, since it is possible to do with text box - Request Focus.

Any Help.

If You Want To Do Something When Screen Start You Can Use


Or If You Want To Give Notice To The User That He Must Be Click On The Button Use @Deep_Host Into View Extension Download From DeepHost App For Free

@Srrazmi Thanks for your answer. But this function does not do what I need.


Since it is possible to do with text box - Request Focus.

Check your PMs

Do You Have Any Example Or Any App That Requesting Focus On The Button

You can check SSIPTV app
When you press ok (on tv control) play live stream.
If press back go to channels screen and the focus is over last channel selected.

Share Here If You Got Any Solution

I Have An Idea Use The Arrangement As A Button And When You Want To Focus Change The Arrangement Background Color :blush::blush::blush:

I used arrangement to insert channel logo, channel name and button on bottom of arrangement.

With funtions Button Get Focus and Lost Focus change the button colors and funtion click play live stream.

It’s Also Good Idea