How to set image on cardview

i want to set image in cardview but i can’t see set.image option.
help me if any extension for this.

I know that, place image component inside cardview.
but i want label&other image component inside cardview.

You can do this without any extension.
First drop Card View Component and next drop horizontal component inside it. Now drop image and label component and you requirement is ready.

I try this but i see white space in card view

Show some pictures about what u tried, so that we can help u…

The Cardview is like an arrangement. You can put other components into it like text and images. You just need to drag an image component into it

Like this

i use this type

and showing this type with white spaces

Oh okay. That is caused by the padding. You can remove it by going to the card properties and set the paddings to 0


Thanks :+1:
Problem Solved.

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