How to set Marquee Text for Lable?

Anyone know to set

Marquee Text

for Lable. Please reply with Block.


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Tick Enable Marquee and HTML Format in the Designer Mode of your label.
Then use blocks to set the label text to a specific HTML code.
Here are different uses of marquee :
HTML Marquees

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if i’m not got mistake, marquee option in design mode is appybuider’s and unavailable in kodular for now…

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Removed the text from appybuilder another make a text from the html

i tries HTML label text its not working. in development part html format true.

@DANG_HAO Yes you’re right
So marquee text won’t work for now, you have time use a more complex method

If you want to use marquee text but not require using label, you’ll have other method, try using webviewer component to show your content with marquee html tag. ^^

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