How to set numbers to text?

Hi guys,
I’m currently developping my app to learn French for foreigners and I use a text to speech component.
In one of my screen, I want the user to let enter a number. Then the Text to speech works (no problem with that). But I would like to set a label which write this number in french : for example, if I type “23”, I expect the label to be “vingt-trois” in letters).
Does anybody have an idea how to do this ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By the way, to make read easier the numbers (120000 f.e.), I would like to put space every 4 numbers to make 120 000 for example. I found something on the community (Make a space all 3 digits (Help wanted) - #2 by Kanishka_Developer) but didn’t work.:cold_face:

Thanks a lot for any advice ! :wink:

It’s a procedure I made long ago… And it was tested to be working. What problem are you facing? Maybe I can help.

P.S. Really happy to see that you searched the community first. :smile:

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Hi Kanisha,
The first problem is that it doesn’t return space between the digits.
The second is that if my label returns me a text with brackets but without space.
I will send you screenshot tomorrow, because I am busy. Otherwise, I appreciate your quick reply :blush:
Have a good evening and thanks for your help !
I will come back with screenshot
Best Regards

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Hi Kanisha,
I looked again your procedure and it seems it works only if the original label has already spaces between digits.
What I want is to make automatically spaces in the text box when the user is typing. I mean instead of showing “1234”, the text box should show “1 234” without the user needs to type a space. Do you have any idea how I can see the text box so ?
Thanks a lot for your help.