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How to make writing like this picture? I mean the numbers and letters have a distance

Use one horizontal arrangement and two label inside it. One label is only for number and other one is for writing text. This way you can easily get the same result as picture.

I think you can do it using HTML.

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i will try it first, wait until finish

i know html but not all like *br *strong and else, But how to make same with my question?

Do you want something like this?

  1. Like
  2. this
  3. one

Use Ordered List (<ol> tag).

Upto what I know, in Kodular, this will only give a list having bullets instead of number

If I am not wrong then there is an extension using which we can use most of the tags.
Or @Fake_Sunan should use Web Viewer.

No need to use HTML or Web Viewer for just a simple design.

You can do it with labels.

Just take individual label for each sentence.
Within the label you can do it.

Like this “1. Your text”

I did same in my project. It looks like this:

Great suggestion for just a label. :joy:

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Thanks :hugs:
Btw, it is only way to use all HTML properties in app :slightly_smiling_face:

you can use html format

i cant do it with only label, maybe i will use Web Viewer to load my html.

What’s the problem with labels?

The HTML in the label can’t do what I want it to do

But you can do it without HTML.

Seriously? but how?

I have already explained here

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You don’t need to drag so many labels for this. Just drag 1 label and make sure HTML Enabled. Then Use HTML Tags.
this will reduce your work

Have a look :point_down: This is nearly same as the picture you posted in your original post

Above is a result of combination of every member’s reply here which are as follows.

  1. I used <br> tag for line break

  1. I used label with manual text

  1. This all the text is contained in one label only

Snapshot of properties of the label in the designer

Text used in the label :point_down:
1. This is 1st line.<br>2. This is 2nd line.<br>3. This is 3rd line<br>4. This is 4th line.<br>5. This is 5th line.


This is called real Koding :smile:
But what happens when you use multiline text???