Add line in the middle of the label

like this
لقطة شاشة ديبين_تحديد-منطقة_٢٠٢٠٠٤٢٦١٤٣١٠٩

For this, use LabelTools extension.

Search community about it.

If you are talking about the black line, then it is called a strikethrough text.
This can be achieved with HTML. As shown in image below

  1. For desired Label, Go to properties and enable HTML from Advance properties section

  2. Write the text surrounding <s> </s> tags as shown in image.

No need to use any extension for this @The_K_Studio

Note: The effect of this text will not be seen in designer. However you can see its effect in companion (while live testing) or in compiled apk.


There are more customisations are available with LabelTools extension like you can change color of the middle line.

Well, its depend on the user what he needs.

not work :sweat_smile:

What doesn’t work and what you actually want? Be more specific


not work in my app

It does work. Working for me. Can you post a sample aia?


I think the spaces matter. But I dont know. You will have to ask @Vaibhav. for this.

So did you live test or try it as apk

No the spaces doesn’t matter. I checked.

@uiuix As said earlier :point_down:

Ohh. OK I didn’t know.

Make sure you check the HTML box in advance properties, then it should work perfectly

What’s the meaning of replying to an old topic and that also a reply which doesn’t seem to have any relevance because the user had already posted a screenshot where HTML property is already enabled?

Use html code by enabling HTML format