How do I make a paragraph in my app

If there’s an extension or another way to do this without using web view, I’ll highly appreciate.

If my question isn’t clear, here’s a sample of what I want.

I want to write up a lengthy text on the screen and the label feature won’t do the job.

Here’s another sample.

Is there anyway I can achieve this with an extension or something else? I have actually searched the forum but seems I don’t know what to search to get this.

Thanks for any help :smiley::smiley:

If anyone has a link to a related topic please assist with it too.

Add space between them

Try enabling html format from label’s advanced property and use html to format your text


After enabling HTML, you can try to use <br> to create a new line.

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This didn’t work.

This made sound crazy, but I can’t find this. The only alternative was webview.

Can you show me where to find the html? Or is it an extension?

From label’s advanced property

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Already told you where to find it

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Noap… this will work without doubt. If it not work you are commitng mistake somewhere. Enable html for that label.

Thank you all :+1::+1::+1:

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Have seen where to do this.

One more help, where do I input the text or html codes thereafter?

Did You Read above ?

You are going to type or going to insert the content directly from any web/database?

Did you go through Rogerio guide?

Didn’t go through and yes, I want to type it manually

One more time , Read :

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Did I do anything wrong ?

test using the companion app…

You should not use br/ or /br and all. No closing tag for break , but paragraph should have to use as /p