How to set text in text block using firebase or airtable

I make a banner view using deep host bannerview extension and now i want to set text in this text block using firebase or airtable. Please help …with blocks.

I think, queries regarding deep host extension is not allowed here. May be your topic will be delisted.

But i want to know that how …i can make a list using firebase for any extension.

1.Set firebase project bucket
2 Call the tag value of banner1, simple

Will it work for external extension.? Please show me block. …i am a fresher

“A Guide for Beginners”

Before adding elements into such extension you must get it and store it n variable.

For block kindly refer the link shared by @Rogerio_Rios … you will be succeed. Fresher should read the guide first . Actually it will strengthen your skill

If you were struck at anywhere then ask us, but if you read the guide you won’t get struck

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I have read the complete guide. i will try again tomorrow. Thanks to both of you​:slightly_smiling_face:


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