How to set the next month

I would like set the next date when click on a button

I am set data with that:
blocks (2)


for exemplo, when the user click on the next button, the date change to next date, and when click on the back button the date change to back date.


How could i do that
Hope that I have been clear

You need to mention some more details like how you are storing/generating dates. Showing what you tried so far helps others to understand it better

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@Deepanshu_Arya, edited

Use this block

Try this :

When button click, add days.
In instant call lb_mess_ano text
And in duration set the time period you want to jump to
And than update text of lb_mess_ano

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When try came this error

In instant use the native block of generating date

Also what is “ago” ? Is it “August”?


Yeah man, ‘ago’ is ‘August’

Is it with only August or other months to have different names?

It’s an abbreviation
Ago= August
Set = September
We use the first 3 letters …


It is in Portuguese, automatic way on kodular for me.
Ago = Aug
Dez = Dec
Mai = May and so on

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Ok cool, give a try using the native clock block in instant parameter

@Miguel_Silva, Add-months only at the end of the month.
Add days…

I am using native block to generate date for lb_mes_ano.

Give a try by using that same block as argument in the instant part

@Rogerio_Rios I would like change month by month, no day by day

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Try using block Now:

call month Instant
Ago = 8 , Set = 9 , Out = 10 … + counter + if