How to share my app

How can I create a button in my app, that will aid my users to be able to share my app with friends easily???

Is your app is on google play.So you can take the app url as a sharing link it’s always .If not, then you could upload the apk on google drive or any cloud storage, and use it’s link as a sharing link along with share text block in the sharing component.Where the text will be your app link.


How about on xender??

What is an xender??

Bruther of Share-it.

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Okay so it was really crazy. :crazy_face:
If its a sharing app that you i will get a link from it, so you can use it in your app that’s okay.

See this -

You can connect Sharing Text to Airtable or Firebase so After you Upload App Anywhere … you can put that link on your server