How to shift the image

how to make the image slide like this, can anyone help me



You have to use the view pager component


thank you peter,
then how to remove the tab name above

You should try the options of the viewer in your designer.

See the last experimental option.

You should use animation utilities or gallery viewer

No need, just use View Pager

tab will be shown in view pager

most simple way is that : use gallery viewer

If you want an aia example, Please visit my blog

You can only put pictures in gallery view. And tabs in view pager can be removed in the experimental option. Just turn on experimental option in your account setting​:+1:

thank you for all the help

I have something to ask again,
how to display tab3 that appears first when the application is run

in blocks part set the tab3 arrangement to 1st place rather than tab1 arrangement

OR use this block -

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hy addylin
I use view pager component instead of tab layout

component_set_get (1)


looks like it’s not working
I’ve tried blocks like this and tested in Companion

use a clock at the end after creating tab5 with 0 delay,
blocks (1)

And then -

Try by putting it at the bottom


not working i tried
thats why i said using clock, that is working

This is kodular bug that select page block of view pager is not working

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