How to show app icons of those app which is in my internal storage

I’m making app where I can see my all Apk which is in my internal storage and I made it but now I’m only able to show Apk file name and file size in list but I want to show app icon also so how can I do it? Anyone know?

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You can use the package utilities component for that
component_method (2)


Yep, it’s the correct block, i have ticked it has solution, if it’s not uncheck it.

I’m showing that apps in list which is in my file manager … I haven’t installed that app … How package utils can get icon of those app which isn’t installed in device?

It’s not possible!

There can be millions of apps, every second new apps are made!! And it’s not possible to store them in Online database

The answer for the question you asked is

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